Speed of Construction

Acotec Wall Panel is an idea developed to facilitate a hassle-free building process of Industrial Building System. The system reaches all the way through a building, from the façade right down to the partition walls.

Time Efficiency

Acotec wall panel can speed up project duration and as a result save in construction costs.

Low Wastages

Acotec wall panel are pre cut to specific sizes that goes in all designs and schedules. This will definitely minimize wastages at site.

Industrial Quality Finishes

Acotec wall panel can give maximum savings in plastering and finishing since the panel has good superb surface finish.

Easy Site Management

Acotec wall panel give less mess and traffic, hence, create cleaner sites and better site management.

Lower Pilferage

Acotec wall panel will not create unnecessary shortages and losses at the site.

Environmental Friendly

Acotec wall panel is an environmentally safe and recyclable product.